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Stereo True Bypass Pcb & Kit.

Use of a true bypass gives you the ability to acurately monitor the processed vs unprocessed signal.

In our kits we use 4x Dpdt 12VDC relay switches. If your project has any other power rail for example 5VDC or 24VDC and you are able to use that for the switching board you can easily do so by using relays that work with the voltage available. Same goes for switch led light - By changing the led resistor you can eather lower the intensity of the led or use a different voltage rating led.

Included in the Kits:
- 4x Dpdt Relay switches (12VDC)

- Diods

- Resistors

- Capacitor


Fits our rack cases backplate! Wich you can find here

Stereo True Bypass PCB & Kit

€ 8,80Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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