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PCBs, kits, parts and all the other jazz is mostly clones of clones and recreations with slight reconfigurations. Here's what I can say about it...

The reason you landed on this page is most likely because you fell into the community of Pro Audio. You love producing music and like to make and create your own things. Things that make you happy like etching your own PCB or designing your own microphone preamp, building, creating, learning...

Creative Clowns - ABOUT.jpg

As time passes, things start to pile up. Electronic components, guitar pedals, various PCBs, Front Panels, modified mixing boards, and of course the real deal fully assembled pieces of gear that I use daily in my recording studio.



Here I am offering my countless spent hours of learning and achieving to replicate these amazing creations and honor those who are far more talented and knowledgeable than me and for whom I have total respect.

This is my contribution! 

Hopefully you will find something you are looking for that will help you achieve what you set out to create for yourself or others.

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