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You're welcome to contact me with any questions!

I will try to help in any way I can with the projects listed on this website. I will share my experiences and help you successfuly complete those builds. But please refere to the links that are listed at the projects themselves first. Educate your self before starting a project!  READ and READ some more! You will be suprised how much knowledge there can be found on those forums. It's where you can engage conversations with top of the line engineers at the click of your mouse!

ALL my PCBs have been tested and asembled into working units so i encourage you to shop with confidence!

For all your requirements and questions I am accessible on the email below

Creative Clowns
LIFETRIP Studio Dario Solenički s.p.
Cankarjeva 16, 9250 Gornja Radgona, SI - Slovenia, EU

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