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Clone of the legendary Neumann W492 Equalizer. It is a replica of the PCB grinders design and layout. We changed the footprint of the potentiometers for a cheeper and accesible version.

This kit consists of 1x PCB and all the components to populate the PCB

(potentiometers, toggle switches and Opamps NE5532A)

The components are of superior quality chosen for this project

(Wima film capacitors, Murata MLCC capacitors, Nichicon electorlitics, Xicon resistors 1% tolerance)

CHOOSE THE MOD ADD-ON for the modification!!




List of components:

Wima Film Capacitors
2x 47pF
2x 1n5
2x 4n7
1x 22nF
1x 6n8
1x 47nF
1x 10nF


Electrolitic Capacitor
4x 100uF (Electrolitic)


8x 10KLIN (conductive plastic)

2x 200R Trim pot 
2x 10K Trim pot

Resistor Xicon 1/4W 1%
2x 20K
2x 100K
4x 330K
10x 5K1
2x 220R
2x 1K8
2x 4K3
5x 1K
4x 560R
4x 1K2
2x 2K
2x 14K
2x 6K8
2x 10K
4x 620R
1x 3K3
2x 22R

Toggle Switch
4x spdt on-on

8x NE5532

8x DIP 8 Socket


Toggle Switch
4x spdt on-on


Resistor Xicon 1/4W 1%

Neumann W492 clone - DIY KIT

€ 168,30Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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